BOKA KONFERENSRESA MALLORCA – med doft av pinjeskog

Hiking in Mallorca is a wonderful nature experience and a pleasant activity for the conference trip. Mountains, sea and sun attract many to the Spanish island of Mallorca and more and more people go to Mallorca to hike. Views of the island’s beautiful agricultural landscape contribute to the beauty experience.

Book Conference Mallorca. Maybe you meet some of the goats that live wild in Mallorca. There are probably about 20,000 goats that live wild on the Spanish island in the Mediterranean. The goats eat, among other things, carob, a Mediterranean fruit that has a slightly sweet aroma. According to the New Testament, John the Baptist ate this fruit in the wilderness. The donkeys also like the fruit. The carob tree is green all year round.

It is easy to think that it is best to hike when it is sunny and warm, but hiking along the coast one day when it is raining and windy can also be a wonderful experience. Really feeling the forces of nature can give us strength and renewed energy. Book Conference Mallorca and give the whole team new energy and power to continue the way forward towards new goals and new visions that you agree on together.

A Conference Mallorca can be just what your company and your employees need to once again feel the desire to work and the will to live after a difficult time with corona restrictions. Being together outdoors is something that has become even more popular during the corona pandemic and hiking in Mallorca can be an activity that strengthens the community in the group. Mallorca has everything from mountains and forests to countryside, sea and beaches



CONFERENCE TRAVEL MALLORCA – hiking in the Sierra de Tramantura


For example, discover the Sierra de Tramuntana mountain range, see the birds of prey flying over the mountain area and look out over the sea. Feel free to visit some of the mountain area’s picturesque villages such as Valldemossa, Soller and Deia. Hiking in the middle of Tramuntana’s stone oak forest is a special experience. Conference Mallorca – hike in beautiful Sierra de Tramuntana.

Walking along the beaches of Mallorca is also an energizing activity and a wonderful experience for both body and soul. Alcudia has a mile-long sandy beach. Cala Mondragó beach is located between two rocky headlands and belongs to Mondragó National Park which is located in the southeastern part of Mallorca. Beautiful pine trees grow in the national park and spread a wonderful scent. A feeling of harmony and tranquility is easily found in this scenic national park. Conference Mallorca – with a lovely scent of pine.

The capital Palma de Mallorca has a lot to offer. The city is beautifully situated on the Bay of Palma on the southwest coast of Mallorca. The city center itself is located east of the river Torrent sa Riera. Palma’s Cathedral, La Seu, dates from the 13th century and is built in the Gothic style. The cathedral is one of Europe’s largest shrines.

Mallorca has many hotels with both good standards and nice conference facilities for all types of needs. Here it is easy to combine, for example, hiking in scenic surroundings with conference sessions at the hotel, which makes Mallorca a perfect conference destination for you who want to hike in beautiful nature and at the same time get the most out of the conference. Mallorca is a place where it is easy to thrive.

Book Conference Mallorca and discover beautiful Mallorca together.