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Remember To Use With "Page Section 100%" Template


Some icons with style=”square”


Some normal icons



[icon icon="icon-dribbble" color="#96a0af" size="15"]
[icon style="square" bg="#f5696c" icon="icon-dribbble" color="#96a0af" size="15"]

Parameters of the shortcodes

Parameters Description
[icon icon=”” insert the icon retina code
[icon color=”” insert the color of your icon in this way color=”#000000″
[icon size=”” insert the size of your icon in this way size=”20″
[icon style=”” use this parameter style=”square” for have an icon background, if you use this parameter remember to insert the background color parameter
[icon bg=”” if you use style=”square” you have to use this parameter to define the color background in this way bg=”#cccccc”


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